What We Do

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We build teams

  • Human-Centric Recruitment

    Handpicked IT professionals aligned with your company's ethos, ensuring a productive and engaged workforce.

  • European Expertise

    Top 5 in the world by quality of IT staff in Eastern Europe. Access to a diverse pool of talent with a strong emphasis on both technical skills and soft skills.

  • Cost Savings

    Experience cost reductions ranging from 50% to 500% by leveraging our outsourced European IT talent, especially for comprehensive project needs.

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We build products

  • End-User Focus

    Development and support services that prioritize intuitive use and customer satisfaction.

  • Full Lifecycle Development

    From initial concepts to ongoing support, we cover all phases of product development with our comprehensive services.

  • Significant Savings

    With our European talent, you can expect savings from 50% to 500% when compared to in-house development costs.

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We do staffing

  • Tailored Talent Placement

    Candidates are not just matched based on skills but also on how well they will mesh with your company culture and contribute to team dynamics.

  • Economic Advantage

    Save 50-200% on hiring costs compared to traditional models, providing a cost-effective staffing solution.

  • Specialized Workforce Support

    Our overflow handling ensures a blend of cultural fit and technical excellence, offering an adaptive workforce with up to 100% cost reduction.

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